On my 6th birthday I received a Kodak 126 camera.

Instantly, it became my best buddy.

A few films later photography became my greatest friend.

A revelation.

©Bernard P.

Meeting a Mentor

It is fortunate to have a mentor. And more so to work with him.

While working at “Camtec Photo inc. La Vie en Poses! “A customer arrives to develop films:

Hello, under what name please?

Bernard Brault.

What!! Bernard Brault!?!

I drop my pen, take his hand and introduce myself.

“I’ve admired your photos for years, they are fantastic, I recognize your style without even looking at the photo credit.” What an honor and great pleasure.

I accompanied him during several photoreports for his newspaper LA PRESSE.

Top © my Dad.
In the Canadian Rocky Mountains.
Bottom © Bernard Brault.com – my mentor.
With my Nikon lense 300 mm 2.8.


At 18 in Pornic, France I manage a KISS PHOTO shop with a partner.

We developed a three month summer season pictures of summer visitors.

Once back in Canada I attend photography school and obtain a commercial photographer diploma.

1 and 2. I immediately started in the corporate and multimedia, establishment, shows.

Mainly symposia, product launches, national meetings: for large pharmaceutical companies and communications agencies.

3 parallel employee experiences.

Corlab, photo lab for professionals, I was retouching images by hand, called “Spotting”. I left after six months with letter of reference.

Photographer Michel Gontran hired me as an assistant on his mega contract of the year: the wedding dress catalog of the Pronuptia brand.

A fantastic one month experience.

Around 25 I am the manager of a one-minute photo store.

Fotoclik a chain with 22 stores. The branch of which I was involved was second in terms of revenue. An offbeat and rewarding experience.

I left after one year and a half with letter of reference.

A few months later, the owner of 2 photo shops in Old Montreal, ” Camtec Photo La Vie en Poses! ” Offered me a position.

I went from being a customer to being an employee photographer since my contracts had priority. Thank you to Jean Bardaji, without this episode of my life, nothing would have been quite the same.

A superb adventure which lasted two and a half years before I left with a letter of reference.

Soon after I went to work in Switzerland for LE 24 HEURES newspaper in Lausanne.

Press photographer received in an internship. Paid by Canada.

Time was short, a fantastic 3 month journey in German-speaking Switzerland.

Back in Montreal and dedicated, I join the team of photojournalists of THE MONTREAL GAZETTE newspaper as a freelance photographer. Having worked for 5 years, I left.

2004: I am hired by Gilbert Rozon for the cover of the Just For Laughs Festival.

The most exciting adventure of my career lasted 7 years, after which I left “the Just for Laughs group”.